Player Profile: Bryce Capers, Varsity Football

Raymond Bureau | September 23, 2020

Name: Bryce Alexander Capers

School: Trinity Christian Academy

Sport: Varsity Football

Accolades: 2x National champion, unlimited weight

Grade: 11

Age: 16

Parents: Alfred DeVaughn Capers; LaQuana Mayo Capers

Main Position: Safety, nickel

Other: Edge rusher, outside linebacker.

Describe your career at Trinity, your coaches, and team success during that time.

In junior high I played receiver, outside linebacker, and safety.

My JV season was my worst ever. I played very slowly and uncomfortably. I was in a middle of a growth spurt and didn’t feel like myself, especially since I had just come off a broken foot injury a month before.

Now as a junior, I am a starter on varsity as an edge rusher. I am looking forward to bringing another state title back to Trinity.

When did you start playing football?

I started playing when I was six years old with the Argyle Spartans Pop Warner team.

Why do you attend Trinity, and in what grade did you begin?

I attend Trinity so I can have a great education and connect with the Lord. I wanted to be put in an awesome environment. Fifth grade was my first year attending Trinity.

Where else have you played football?

I have played for the Argyle Spartans, Oakleaf Knights, Wesconnet Wildcats, and Clay Bears.

What other sports do you play?

I also play basketball and run track.

Describe your academic success and personal fulfillment at Trinity.

Everything is going well.

Where do you plan to play college football?

I hope to play in whatever scheme I fit in the best — where I can accomplish my dream.

What college teams have shown interest in you?

Coastal Carolina and East Carolina have shown interest. I expect more throughout my final two years.

Do you have any siblings who play sports?

I have no siblings who play sports.

How much have your parents helped you in your football pursuit?

My parents have always been there for me, showing love and guidance in whichever direction I choose to go.

Whom else would you like to thank for your success?

I thank Coach Epps for all his help and — especially — the Lord for all He has blessed me with.

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